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Re: Journal Supplies

Originally Posted by Charles Moulton
. . . . I'm making my own watercolor tin and am looking for the best place to get half and whole pans of color.

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place! C.
Hi, Charles! I assume from this that you are NOT interested in putting empty pans in your tin, and then filling them with tube colors. Right? (Most folks go at it this way. This gives them the freedom to chose from among hundreds and hundreds of tube colors.)

But bravo to you for starting with regular pan colors! In this case I can recommend with my whole heart the watercolor pans made by Schmincke. Used full strength, these seem to me to be more opaque and more rich than your regular run-o-the-mill tube watercolors. So if you use them with a 'light touch' (diluted) they will indeed last a long time. Fine Art Store sells both the half and the whole pans. (I have found Fine Art Store in Rochester NY to be a delight to deal with for online orders. Good prices too!)

See below for my sketch palette filled with the Schmincke pans, some half and some whole pans, all held in with magnets (Jamie's idea!) All but one of the pans is Schmincke, actually. There is one made with tube paint.




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