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Exclamation UPLOAD ERRORS - Guidelines

Image Upload Problems?
You need to upload in the Open Critiques Forum and request a Moderator move it to Structured Critiques. Hit the report icon or PM any online Moderator

This is a software glitch on WC

Posting Guidelines: Structured Critiques Forum

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place that is "kudo-free." A "kudo" response is where someone simply says "great job", and nothing more. If you are looking for a "kudo" type of feedback (nothing wrong with that!), please visit either the WC! Gallery forum or the "Open Critiques" forum. Be sure to read the posting guidelines in those forums before posting!

Remember, by posting your art in the Structured Critiques Forum, you are openly asking for serious critique of your work. You won't get a bunch of "great job!" posts here. You will be asking for fellow artists to provide their insights as to the positives AND negatives of your work. Keep this in mind when posting!

When you receive constructive feedback, please make an effort to "receive" it as such. Posting an image for critique here, and then coming unglued because someone offers constructive criticism, will not help you make many friends. Too much of this, and you risk the removal of your account. If you feel that someone is blatantly bashing your work, please report the post to a moderator (by clicking on the link with the same name).

Finally, please refrain from cross-posting the same image in multiple critique forums. Find the forum that is right for you, and call it home. Cross-posting images all over the place just adds unnecessary confusion to an already busy site.

Note to Critiquers:

No kudo-only posts! All responses should always contain some form of instructional, educational, and/or constructive feedback regarding the piece(s) posted. So-called "kudo" posts are not allowed (i.e. "great job!", and nothing else). A critique must point out a few things done well and why they are done well. The critique should also point out the biggest improvements (a few) that you think can be achieved and why you think so.

Each response should be posted in a tone that is in keeping with the friendly atmosphere of this site as a whole. Please use the proper decorum and comport yourself properly when posting your comments. Blatantly lambasting art is not permitted. If you don't have anything constructive to offer, then simply refrain from posting.

We all want to hear what you have to say, but there is a way to do it appropriately and constructively, and a way that is wholly unproductive.

B. Scott Burkett
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