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Transferring from community college... how's my portfolio look?



I'll keep this brief because I would just love some feedback.

I have earned an AFA in Fine Art from a community college, and I am currently at the same school now taking humanities classes for a Public Relations degree (which I am not intending on completing). My heart belongs in art, and I really want to make a living as an artist, and I feel that I have to complete what I started, including getting my MFA. I understand the alternatives to going to art school but they're not an option at this time for a complex variety of reasons.

Here's what I am wondering...

1. My portfolio is out of date, and not representative of my ideas and understanding of contemporary art. This is just class assignments. I never really explored finding my voice or making a cohesive body of work while I was at school. How much will this hurt me when applying to BFA programs?

2. Looking at the current state of my portfolio, what types of pieces should I use my limited time and resources on making to supplement it?

3. Anything I should cut out?

4. Although I will most likely end up at at the cheapest in-state school I get accepted to for financial reasons, I am curious if anyone thinks I have the chops for a school like RISD, MICA, VCUarts, etc.

Thank you SO MUCH!
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