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Re: I made a sculpting table!!

Originally Posted by Buddyfly
[size=4][color=DarkOliveGreen][font=Verdana]I am tickled pink! lol I made this table for about $30 Cdn. I thought up the idea of using a stool instead of going to the trouble of making the base. It is a good solid stool and the four legs provide a lot of support.

Cool beaners, Marly! The only things I would add, which I enjoy on my own sculpting stand, are casters on the feet (with two of them at least being locking ones if you want the thing to be still), and the ability for your top to turn around -- maybe sit a turntable on it or something, if it won't turn as it is. (My stand, which I got from Sculpture House, is similar to yours but the pipe that's the center is loose in the base and turns easily, which is how I want it). BTW, the stool idea is BRILLIANT!

JT, you used a really good stand to start with! I'd love to get one like that. How did you adapt yours to an easel? Can you show a side view? I do a lot of reliefs too, but have been working on them flat all these years. It would be nice to work on them upright!

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