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Re: February-March 2012 Portrait Challenge

Wow , Not an Easy thing to do on ipad

Lovely work Guys and Dolls ...

Originally Posted by sheldring
Here's my version of Maria Vernatti, finger-painted on an iPad using the ProCreate app:

There's been a bit of color shift in saving out from the iPad, where the image is a little darker, especially in the blues of the costume, which are kind of too prominent here. (Unless that's just my monitor.) And I haven't managed entire accuracy--mine is a bit longer and a bit less wide than the original, and there's something different about the placement of her right eye that I got tired, finally, of trying to figure out--but I'm pretty pleased overall (especially since it's drawn freehand onto a screen rather than gridded onto canvas). I've never really looked at Hals that much, and in that respect this was a fascinating exercise--he's a much subtler painter than I would have imagined going in. (I especially love how delicately, within the apparent severity of her self-presentation, he indicates wealth and taste--the bracelets, the rings, the earrings, the necklace.)

I kind of want to do something of his in actual oils, now. It's so much quicker on the iPad, though--no waiting for layers to dry.
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