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Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019

I donít feel any more rested after just 4 hours sleep. I might need a little nap later. Iím also starting a cold it feels like. I hope I can fight it off.

Cold and snowy here which will be the weather for the next 5 or 6 months so I wonít mention it again unless it does something of note.

Today I have to unpack my bag from the sale yesterday then the rest of the day will be for more Xmas decorating. Brian has the last of the outside lights to finish and get the snowblower ready for the season. Iím not looking forward to the next two weeks. They are my busiest and most tiring of the year and add to that extra babysitting and all the red tape of changing over cars and Iím feeling stressed. I figure it will all get done and just take one day at a time and write lots of lists so I donít forget something. Of course Brian decided to work overtime for 3 of the 5 Fridayís this month so he isnít available to do the stuff at businesses that only work weekdays. I told him no more overtime (after this coming Friday that he has committed to) until after things settle.

So Iím off to make breakfast (now that I hear Brian stirring). Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
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