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Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019

Morning all, to those who wash up later, and huggles to all who need them

I've just finished putting together a shopping list to email to my sister. She'll call at the supermarket on her way over this morning. Dad's fishing buddy's going to go round to someone who lives a couple of streets away who rides motorbikes to see if he can pop round and put my dad's motorbike (yes, at 74 he's still riding a motorbike as well, and it's not just a small one!! ) back in the garage. We had to leave it out last night because dad wouldn't let anyone who's not used to handling bikes move it. He's also recently been doing a lot of work on the house a couple down from us which his daughter's bought, including work on the garage which he did with some contractors, so we're going to ask him who the contractor was he used and get them to quote for fixing the garage roof. I did suggest perhaps doing the garage roof himself wasn't wise, but dad's rather stubborn, and seems to forget he can't do all the stuff he did when he was younger.

Yes, JJ, my dad lives with me. Until my mum got really ill, she was my main carer. When she got too ill, I had to muddle by myself, and when she really began to really deteriorate, I started managing her meds as well as my own. Dad's no idea about medical stuff, and had never had to do housework or cook, so it's taken a lot of instruction to get him doing the basics. Until he started cookery classes a few weeks ago, virtually every cooked meal was mashed potato, frozen mixed veg, and whatever pack of meat the local Co-op had, and followed the instructions on the pack. He's no good with multi-tasking though, and I'm vegetarian and gf, so I'm left to fend for myself. It's far from an ideal situation, but I largely get by. I've got a lot of equipment that helps me out. My sister's taken over some things, like looking after my feet, and changes my bedding for me when she comes over. She can strip it and re-make it while I'm still struggling to change one pillowcase.

Up to now I've managed to get by without any professional help, but it's getting to the stage where I'm really struggling now with various things, particularly showering, and I think it's time to get help in.

Back later!
C & C welcome!

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