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**** Daily Wash - Saturday November 16th 2019 ****

Well, Hi there,

It has been yet another very hot day here in Western Australia, at 1100 here, it was 38.8 !!!!!!

And what was I doing, Sweeping out the back patio areas because they were beggining to get to me there were sooooo many leaves. After I had been doing it for about two hours plus extra to help Monty out, Monty decided to call it for lunch time.

I made lunch, and we sat and cooled down, then it was time to start again, Monty said that my Studio Airconditioner was on and to go in there and finish in the morning when it was a little cooler. Sounds like a plan, so I cleaned up the indside after lunch, only to step outside and find out that he was finishing off what I had started, that was certainly a nice surprise.

So, I am here in my Studio, and decided to open up todays Wash before starting on doing some more rock painting.

I promise, I will try as best I can to take some pictures of what we have done in place of the pool. The front garden pictures will have to wait now, as the poppies have finished and I am just patiently waiting for them to drop their seed. Once that happens, we will re-mulch the bed and put in Portulacca, and when they are at their best I will take some photos.

I will say cheerio for now and may try to come back later otherwise it will be tomorrow.

Take Care and enjoy your day whatever it may bring.
Love Carolynn : heart:

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