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Re: Chubby Cherubs

Originally Posted by Aedosama
One thing I might point out (and I don't know if this is stylistic or not) is the wings of the straw blond guy in the lower right. While the wings on all the cherubs seem centered to them his seem a little off kilter. I think because he is in a three quarters view while the others are more face on it looks like his wings might be growing out of just the one shoulder blade. Just something to think about.

Thank you, Aedosama, so much for taking the time to not only check the drawing out, but offer such a valuable observation. I did the piece on a whim, and wasn't paying attention like I should have. That wing bugs me to no end and if it were a piece for a client, I'd redraw the entire thing (or edit it digitally). As it is, it serves as a good reminder to myself that mistakes happen and to be more careful.

Funny enough, in the speedlapse video I made while doing this drawing (called "Old Artist vs Young Artist" on my YT channel), at 14:12 in the video, I put a callout to that very wing you noticed.

I may go back and edit it digitally at some point, and if I do it will be because of your advice. I'll repost, as well.

Thanks again and I sincerely appreciate your generous thoughts! Cheers!
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