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Re: Stormy Weather

Originally Posted by Merlion
I'm afraid I don't have photos of these severe tropical storms in Hong Kong. It was so many years ago. I was quite young and would not take our precious family camera outdoor into the rain. Our cameras at that time use b/w films and viewfinders, not even single lens relfex.

I don't know anything about photography. I was given a point-and-click digital a few years ago (which I love) and have never taken it off 'automatic'.

I just take hundreds of photos, and every once in a while a good one arrives by sheer luck

The best of not having a good camera is that I don't worry about taking it out into the flying spray (I get soaked quite often) but I do have to wipe the lens with breath and tissues quite often (and I *really* hope there are no serious photographers reading this )

Time flies. We can now see many tropical storm pictures by clicking Google Images, or Flickr searches. We can of course also see YouTube videos.

I do that too, but I still find that nothing is quite so evocative as seeing photos taken by individuals one knows (if only through posts here) and hearing how they felt at the time and about all the sounds and other sensory inputs that photos alone can't provide.

I prefer often-imperfect photos like that to any amount of unblemished, manipulated photos on the web

Monsoon rains that come with thunders and lightnings are different. These are not uncommon in Singapore. And people do get killed by lightning strikes. Golf courses have stop-play sirens when lightning clouds appear. My TV and computer got knocked off once by lightning.

Word-pictures like that are just as acceptable, of course

Damned lightning knocked out half the modems on the island a couple of years back (including the convent on the hill, which gave rise to quite a few jokes), but we are well trained to read the skies and run for cover, so we rarely suffer the same fate.

I love imagining the sirens on the golf course. The only sirens we hear are set off at the Eleventh hour each year. Always sees me crying like a baby.

OK. You're let off since you say it so well in words But do remember that I recently opened the thread up to any non-sunny if you do have a camera now...........


Until we meet again, in Cyberspace or The Islands, in Fair or Stormy Weather