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Re: Stormy Weather

Originally Posted by persephone_returns
Merlion, ... Do you have any photos of storms to send as well? (No pressure; I just love seeing what it's like in other parts of the world. I could Google but prefer to see things through the eyes of people here )

I know nothing about monsoons. Do you get lightning with the rain as well? ... Sephie
I'm afraid I don't have photos of these severe tropical storms in Hong Kong. It was so many years ago. I was quite young and would not take our precious family camera outdoor into the rain. Our cameras at that time use b/w films and viewfinders, not even single lens relfex. (I'm 68. I'll be antique soon.)

Time flies. We can now see many tropical storm pictures by clicking Google Images, or Flickr searches. We can of course also see YouTube videos.

Monsoon rains that come with thunders and lightnings are different. These are not uncommon in Singapore. And people do get killed by lightning strikes. Golf courses have stop-play sirens when lightning clouds appear. My TV and computer got knocked off once by lightning.
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