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Re: Stormy Weather

Not so long ago, brave friend, daughter and I ignored police warnings to stay inside and battled down to the coast to experience winds reaching hurricane speed (us islanders aren't so good at taking orders )

We saw just three other people that day (one of whom provided a nice sense of scale as he scrambled out to get close to the waves).

We had to crawl along the shore a lot of the time, our camera lenses were coated with spray, we had to make human tripods of ourselves, or wedge ourselves between rocks just to take any pictures at all, so please excuse the quality. Keeping the horizon straight was the last thing on our minds

The sea was almost completely white. Our faces were sand-blasted and coated in salt. The roar of surf and wind was continuous and we couldn't speak at all because of that tumult and the wind tearing words out of our mouths. We could feel the vibrations of sea hitting shore through our feet.

You'll have to imagine the rest when you look at the pictures, unless you've been through something like this yourself, and then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about

Must stop now. Getting quite carried away


Until we meet again, in Cyberspace or The Islands, in Fair or Stormy Weather