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Originally posted by sgtaylor


J.R. Bob Dobbs is the Bob from the Church of the Subgenius. Bob Dobbs, The super-salesman... The man who did sell icecubes to Eskimos... Defendor of Slack... Enemy of the Pinks, Glorps, False Prophets, and the space alien Jehovah1... Wielder of the Stark Fist of Removal...

Yep... that's the guy. More info available in The Book of the Sub-Genius and Three Fisted Tales of Bob.

(Sometimes I worry about my reading habits...)

edited because I can't tell the difference between prophets and profits.

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This made me laugh because one of my hubby's best friends is ordained in the Church of the Subgenius and we almost had him marry us. He's performed 2 or 3 ceremonies.