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I've been "Leaf" in one form or another online since 1995. The full nickname is LeafSong; the Leaf for my love of gardening and such and Song because music is life and I'm often singing or dancing around the house to the soundtrack in my head. My husband knows my mood by what I'm either playing on the stereo or what I'm singing, or the lack of music altogether.

I've been LeafSong, Leafy, Leafers, Leafling, LeafLady and just plain Leaf, depending on where I've gone in my peripatetic online life.

And there you have it.

Leaf (the UN-Leaflin and the NOT-the-IvyLeaf )
Horses and sheep are Good Things (tm). Everyone should have at least one of each. Horses teach you not to fight with things that are bigger than you and sheep, well, they're just cute.