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Re: Sugarhouse Park June 2019

I just saw this.
Your central tree is lovely.
To respond to your question,
One aspect that stands out is that to me, the distant mountain green is about the same color as the other greens, giving both the same "importance". Though it is still "green from the wet spring" something more is needed to give the appearance of distance.

Part of that MAY be a similar lack of detail in the immediate foreground as on the distant mts. So maybe some grasses or shrubs up close would help.

Changing the light on the two larger trees on Viewer right, esp on their lower mass could separate and distant them from the nearer bushes.

There's nothing behind the trees to indicate distance between them and the mts. I wonder if a light red glaze (mixing compliment of the green) behind the trees then a light blue glaze, maybe thalo or cobalt, on the upper parts of the mountains would help indicate greater distance there.
Maybe placing the blue glaze above the ochre strokes would throw them into the distance a bit more, so you do have distinct separate ridges.

I think the straight even tree line contributes to that appearance. Maybe if you bring at least one of the sienna shrubs a bit further forward, give it some detail via light/dark, and add a shadow on the field, it will help. Perhaps a length of "uneven ground" a small "rise" going from right of center on a slight up angle to the V right side with some grasses or a rock or three...

I hope this helps.
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