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Re: Scavenger Hunt #591 - June 13 - 21

Well everyone has been busy....

EP, nice work on the sketches and photo of khaki. Good find for the kilogram.

Joe, the little bear is so cute. Sweet. The scale is amazing. I should use one, but too lazy to count and measure. I rarely measure when I cook.

Joan, your direct sketch of Alan is so great. I love your kind of beans. Clever. The bear with carrot is so cute. The glass fish is great. I have a glass elephant, so hard to sketch, you did great. Also good find for kilogram.

Ai, I thought you might have a kimono. Thanks for sketching it and having Iris patiently model for you. I had no idea how complex to wear. Beautiful.

Yesterday morning on the porch I sketched our resident bunny digitally with Art Rage and my Apple Pencil. He/she moves too fast.
Today I sketched in the big book with a Prismacolor 01.

Number 5, kangaroo - sub rabbit for jumping animal
Number 6, kaput - the remnants of pottery and the neck of a glass bottle on the porch rail.
Number 7, key - some of Gene's trailer keys

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