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Re: Will Liquin Original overpower the slow drying time of stand oil?

Originally Posted by Pinguino
I dispense CoZica using a toothpick, which is also used to blend into the paint.

A good dispensing method for studio work for sure. Perhaps not ideal for plein air work since you would need to keep track of the toothpick, the lid for the bottle and would have to constantly be opening and closing the bottle which gets annoying. With the lid off the factory bottle, if it gets dropped or tipped over, you are going to lose most if not all of the contents. The needle tipped bottles can be tipped over without much risk of spilling as long as you don't leave it laying down too long and it is not over filled. With thin liquids I like to fill the bottle to the point where the liquid doesn't reach the needle tip when laying flat so it won't leak out even if left flat with the cap off the needle. With higher viscosity liquids like Linseed Oil, it is not as much of a concern.
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