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Title: Ganesha
Year Created: 2018
Medium: Oil
Surface: AlumaComb (self-primed)
Dimension: 12x16 in
Allow digital alterations?: Yes (if needed)

This was created for my fiancée’s parents as a gift at the coming wedding.

Please note that the swastika is an ancient Hindu blessing and not what the west things it is because of improper use. There are a lot of Hindu and Sikh symbols in the picture. If curious about what they are, send me a message (there are too many to list in this post). Overall, the combination focuses on prosperity and finding peace within oneself.

The main design is a religious icon of Ganesha, as it will likely be used in their household shrine. I was hoping to combine the mid renaissance style, religious icons and coloration common to India. Though, I know little about art history, so who knows if it’s even close. The painting was done with a grayscale grisaille and glazed.

here's the WIP link if interested or will help with the critique

I’m not looking for a ‘good job’, just honest thoughts so I can keep learning and improve.

1. I suppose, my key question is simply ‘is this worth getting prints made?’ I have been told by a few individuals I know that it is a very good painting, but friends are generally forgiving on their opinions.

2. From a technical aspect, is it any good? It’s only my 4th glazing attempt and probably my 25th painting, of which, most are scenery. So, I honestly don’t know. I never took painting classes, just a 25 year half-hearted journey to make drawings and paintings look right. It is stuff I picked up from trying things as experiments and reading what other people did.

3. As a composition, did I achieve anything worth noting?
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