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Re: runaway WIP

reading these responses was as exciting as painting.

@cliff.kachinske; this was really helpful, your words connected with the idea immediately. circles, arcs, repetition - already begun with the shadow shapes. great big thank you!

@La_ thank you! and @graphicali, thanks so much! this will be a soft, unanimously greywhite, mica shimmering 2D painting with impasto, the color of the figure might remain grey but mixed grey instead of the out-the-tube underpainting shade seen, the round circles will be in strong, stark darkish colors. the aim is to have the existing main shapes come through as glimpses with harsh contrast, lack of shine and the large areas in minor value variations.
(i may be a beginner painter but also an accomplished dreamer. )

@Bilateral thank you! the small figures appeared with the technique where you just enhance shapes in underpainting. they sort of helped me understand the image thoroughly. as for the gesso - gotta bucket of it, plus, the sherlock holmes to your morning after whodunnit remorse: schmincke norma opaque white.

blushing, but fourth attempt with more glare but proper angle to show the dead enter vanishing point and the geometry.

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thank you all!