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Re: Wondering which brand to choose?

Originally Posted by talinka
Thank you Terri and Mira.
I have an onstanding decision to obstain from buying any more art supplies on general and oil pastels in particular, thinking I have more than enough (I'd estimate I own a little over 300 sticks). However, reading posts the past few days has got my palms itchy, and I have a feeling I might fall off the wagon soon.

Ha ha ha!! I know the feeling well! All of these great reviews, insights and feedback from my fellow OP artists makes it hard to pull back.

I've developed an interest in those artist-grade van Goghs, as well as the Erengis. I have some 9x12 Pastelmat and would likely give the sticks a chance to shine their best using that paper. IF I go for it, which I might over the summer.

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