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Re: INKTOBER 2019: For participants and followers!

I'm posting in two parts due to the limit of maximum attachments.

Post 2 of 2 (see post 1 here)

Day 30, Catch

My Malshi (Shih Tzu x Maltese mix) catching up a nap
Ink and water color pencils

Day 31, Ripe
4 Ripped Peaches
Ink and water color pencils

Inktober 2019 – Overall Thoughts

Here’s my thoughts on doing Inktober by the first time, even though I missed a few prompts. What matters the most is the learned lessons over the course of the month. By the same token, my interest on watercolors and colored pencils grew further.
  • Let it go! Don’t be highly attached to your expectations because it will only frustrate you further.
  • Experiment with different mediums that mix with pen and ink. Not everything is black and white.
  • “Don’t worry, mistakes are good.” This phrase from one of my English professors resonated on my mind when I needed it during this art challenge. Keep a genuine interest on to learn from your mistakes.
  • If you are interested to pursue a career as an artist, use the art challenges to explore more on how to use your new skills and creations for future projects.
  • Don’t stop, just don’t! Keep creating even when an art challenge is over. If there is another that interests you, DO IT, NOW! The only things you will miss are a new body of artwork that is important for your creative growth.
  • “Style”? “Voice”? Stop to overthink about them. Just keep creating. Don’t waste your time on reaching them overnight. Use your precious time to create.
  • Fan art? Yes, go ahead! Not only you show appreciation for someone’s work, but also you get a chance to learn and apply your skills.
  • Keep your mind open to new ideas, techniques, mediums, Hint: It will feed your Creative Bank Account.
  • Don’t let your inner critic to jeopardize your creativity. Please, have fun! Even so Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
  • Stay accountable. I never knew the value of it despite of I got a longstanding experience on casual blogging. Yes, I missed a few prompts to get some personal space away from the screen. In that case, I returned with some new creations to share.
All right, that’s everything for now. I wrote this in the hope that other artists try any art challenge that interest them. By the way, thank you to those that have been supporting my artistic journey.


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