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Re: To critique or not to critique?

Unwanted criticism has been the leading cause of my leaving other art communities in the past. Unless requested I have little to no use for critique, and I have a reason for this, most the time I am well aware of the issues. Being extremely aware of the failings in my own work I often know that fixing the issues might require more work than just doing a new painting. For that reason I tend to accept flaws and move on, the simple mistakes I tend to pick up on and fix myself. This is why it is better not to critique unless asked for, what we often may see as a flaw might actually be a feature of the piece. I do some tangents in my work intentionally to send the eye toward something that might normally not even be noticed (especially in shadowy areas).

It is an extremely rare piece that I ask for critique on, and when I do it is for very specific things. I think the implementation of this rule of asking specifically for a critique is a good idea, keeps people civil and calm and no one's feelings get hurt. Thank you for having this rule.
- Delo

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