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2010 challenge and exchange

Hi guys. The idea of this challenge and exchange is to have a bit of fun, stretch ourselves and provide someone else with a piece of our art (and obviously receive a piece too). I'm going to convene this challenge and the guidelines are as follows.

* Please sign up in this thread.

* Please do not clutter this thread with comments too much.

* People who sign up will create a piece of scratchboard art, either 5"x7" or 8"x10" (their choice) as these sizes are easy to ship. Black and white, coloured, scratchboard, clayboard, all acceptable. Medium of your choice, as long as it is scratched. Ampersand is the best to use as it is durable and can be shipped easily.

* Do not frame the art. Framing will be the responsibility of the receiver.

* The art will be whatever you choose as long as the subject matter starts with the letter "D" (for example deer, doughnut, duck, drunk man, doorknob, etc etc)

* Everyone who is signing up, please pm me if you already have someone's art from this forum. This way, I will choose who receives who's piece in exchange randomly but I will make certain you get someone different to whoever you might have received from before.

* Please also pm me your postal address. I will not share these with anyone except for the artist who is specifically creating for you.

* Once I have all entries I will do the draw and let you know by private message who you are creating for. You will almost certainly not receive art from the same person as you are creating for so the surprise can be kept.

* You may start creating now, or you may want to wait so you know who your piece will go to.

* Although I will tell you who you are creating for, I will not tell you who you are receiving from as the surprise will be getting art through the mail and you won't know who it's from until you receive it.

* Please do not share your 'receiver' with anyone. The surprise is all part of the fun.

* When you have finished creating your art, pm me an image of it in maximum resolution that wetcanvas allows.

* When you receive your art, please pm me so I can work out when all people have received theirs and I can then publish the results.

* I too will join up, though of course I will know who is creating for me. Trust me, this person will be chosen at random. (So I'll be the only one not receiving a 'surprise')

* The deadline to sign up has been extended as WetCanvas will be down off and on over the next few days for major maintenance.

* Do not do something silly like forget what your piece is for and start a thread showing it It is a surprise for everyone. The thread I post when it is all done will be a conucopia of collective creative class!!

Deadline to sign up

10th March.

Deadline for the artist to finish and send

31st March.

Don't forget, art subject matter must start with the letter D

Hopefully this deadline means that everyone will have received their piece by the middle of April and I'll be able to post all the results.

Have fun and I'll start the ball rolling
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