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Re: QDC - our Quick-Dry-Cafe ..... come chat!

Cindy, that's excellent news .... stay positive 👍🙂

Had my MRI scan today .... the problem wasn't the scan/tunnel/claustrophobia part, but my veins! Took two radiographer about half hour to find a vein to take a cannul, then for the second, shorter scan they needed to inject a dye ... instead of going into the vein, it went into my wrist/arm tissue so they had to re-site the cannula and do a quick injection, then finish the scan . Now I can't bend my wrist and have to keep an ice pack on it.
There was another unpleasant after effect too .... from all the horrible tasting litre and half fluid I had to drink prior to scan ..... suffice to say, I'm not leaving the house for the rest of the day!!!😂😂😂
Cheers, Maureen

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