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Re: the future of a fine art degree/student

Even though this post is from 5 years ago and the chap has his degree now with the huge $100,000k debt that is the average of any college student in this country for a 4 year state school education, you have to add in living expenses.

I went to Mass Art and it's a lot more than $5000 a year for out of state, it's more than that for in state, try $20,000 + per year and add into that the cost of living in Boston, at least another $15,000 add the 2 figures and that's your 'real cost' per year.

Unless one is completely dedicated and I mean this is what you want to do, then I would do something else. It's hard real hard. Talent is not everything, you can be not very good but get the right training and work your butt off for 10 years and can become very good and make some sort of a living, probally less than a garbage man and no benifits.
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