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Re: Is this crazy or what?

Originally Posted by sandge
I guess it depends where you see your ACEOs and blog in your overall marketing strategy...
I am in the process of developing a marketing strategy, but do not actually have one firmly in place.

Originally Posted by sandge
I believe you said that your hope was that the ACEOs would drive folks to your higher priced items. (Did you say that? I might have that wrong.) If so, they are a promotional/marketing tool.
Yes, it is a hope of mine that the ACEO's will drive folks to my higher priced work and this already occurred on 1 occasion.

Originally Posted by sandge
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I guess what I'm saying is that your blog should feature your higher priced work and that your ACEOs should direct folks to your higher priced work and/or your blog.
I understand, Sandra.
Thank you for stating your opinion about this.

Originally Posted by sandge
On the other hand, maybe ACEOs are what you are all about. In which case you need to up your production rate. If you look at this seller (), you'll see that, while not listing ACEOs, his paintings are priced at not much more than an ACEO would be listed at. He has achieved powerseller status through quantity.
I have thought about what ravens_laughter has been doing for months.
I don't think he ever fp's any of his work. He is also a very nice person, who I emailed a couple of times.

His art is medium-sized (to me) and often his prices are bid up quite high (but not all that high, it seems).

I cannot speak to how long it takes him to create his work since I haven't a clue about it.
But, I realized I could not operate as he does (which I considered doing for quite awhile) since every piece of work I create is time-consuming.

Thanks very much for your feedback, Sandra.
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