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Re: An Invitation to Beginners in Pen and Ink

Originally Posted by hoylander
Hello, this is a pen drawing in the style of Claudia Nice. I love pen and ink but I suppose I lack confidence, so welcome this thread for newbys! I'm mainly in the watercolour gallery but I do look in P/I though I don't feel qualified to comment, there are such lovely drawings. Thanks for looking and C/C very welcome!

Nice drawings. I see no reason for a lack of confidence. After taking a look at some of your work I can say that you are certainly qualified to comment on any drawing in this forum. I can see that you understand: form, perspective, value and composition. All of which are valid areas for comment. I know I would value your input.

I agree with Maureen about the little shack, I especially like how you suggested a pile of rubble with just a few lines.
Comments and critiques are welcome
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