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Thanks for the welcome!

NorahT: Thanks. Drawing the hair was the most enjoyable part for me. I liked working out the shadows and lights to render the curls and waves.

Wyobud: Thanks. Every now and then the old "magic box" relinquishes its' grip on my drawing hand

artdude: Congrats on heading up the effort to start this forum. Yeah, I think I'll do some more. I stopped by the library on the way home and picked up a book on pen & ink drawing techniques. I'll post something else after I've had more practice.

RuthT: Thanks. Glad you liked it!

...And finally, the first of many questions. Do you guys start with a pencil sketch or do you go directly to ink? I used ink on this one from start to finish but I think it would have been better served if I had done a sketch first. Also, what tools do you recommend for a beginner to start with?

I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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