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Re: Tao -Latest Commission WIP to Finish x A&W

Oh absolutely, Deirdre! Please do and thank you!

Ron and Deanna, I understand completely what you are saying about the body on the right side. It gave me some pause and consideration. My problem with this is the fact that he had a rider on him and what you would see directly next to the side of his nose and face is part of the saddle and part of the rider's arm. Also, the girth that holds the saddle on goes directly down vertically from about an inch from his nose. I wanted to keep the focus on the highlighted side of his face without distraction. I can't figure out a way of doing that without adding a lot more to that side of the painting. I'm certainly open to suggestions, though his owner is over the moon with it the way it is.

Marcus, bobbymac and Rockport123, thank you so much for your lovely compliments!

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