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Re: Crushed it WIP

Donna, me to, it's always interesting to know how other artists think...I'm not sure I know exactly what goes on in my head though... Thank you for looking!

toniov - thank you so much! Observation is key, paint what you see, not what you think you see. Fun process, I guess that's why I enjoy realism so much.

Deirdre - I can always count on you for support, thank you....

Hi Ed thanks for stopping by....possibility of a million two-layer blends, yes! That's a rather uplifting thought, isn't it?! And quite overwhelming...I always stick my working surface on top of a larger sheet, and do little tests and mixes along the sides. Very helpful indeed.

Lol, that is a funny story Marina! A nice compliment too really....

Thank you Sarah!

Chris, thank you for support and wonderful comments, it means a lot to me! You know I love your wip's, and I'm glad you enjoy mine...

Jen, thank you so much, it's so nice to "see" you, I'm glad you enjoy it!

Sherry and Evie, I'm glad you find this helpful, I'm afraid I'm not the most structured artist when it comes to my own working process. I'm learning too as I try to describe it, it helps to put it down in words. Thank you for watching and commenting!

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