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Fur Demo: Hairy Stick or Airbrush!

Before I left on my trip last week, I was asked by several persons to post a short but detailed demo on how I rendered fur. They had heard me describe it before but did not completely understand the process. I do not think my fur is special or any better than anyone else's! It's just my adaptation to painting what would usually be time consuming and tedious! I use the K.I.S.S. technique for fur and I like to paint it fast and easy!
Tinting colors are Medea ComArt transparent paint.
The white is Badger Air Opaque.

Photo 01
This is how I create fur using white paint and the airbrush for tinting. For this demo I will be using a canvas board that I have masked off with 3m painters tape.

Photo 02
I start by shooting in a darker or what I call a contrasting background. Iím not using a reference for this demo, but Iím picturing in my mind the neck fur of a long hair breed of dog. The fur may transition form short to long, weíll see how it goes! I use a mixture of brown and smoke gray. I want it fairly dark, but I have to remember that I will be laying in more pigment as I progress so it will get much darker.

Photo 03
For me fur has great depth and is hard to render. I work from back to front starting deep and then working to shallow. I also work from the darkest layer to the lightest layer. Using a No 8 Round paintbrush and white paint, I begin laying in the deepest layers of hair. if you have your paint nice and thinned, itís moisture content will drawn in color from the proceeding pigment layer! So these strokes have a nice brown tint to them. Unless you use your airbrush for this process.

You can just as easily shoot in the individual hairs with your airbrush using dagger strokes. I did so for years! Especially on t-shirts. It was when I started doing more and more animal paintings on illustration board and canvas that I started using the ďhairy stickĒ.
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