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Uploader: where to find it, how to use it

Hey Forum Members...

As a temporary fix until things are fully back to normal, and please understand staff is working very hard to bring all things up to proper order...if you are struggling to get images to upload, try these steps...

click on Quick Links at the top of the page in the blue bar ...then onto Image Uploader...

when uploader screen comes up, click on choose file...then upload image...'ll see all kinds of warning/error messages as follows after clicking "upload" -

but...disregard the errors...and copy by highlighting the text (don't use the copy button, it doesn't work) and paste the uploaded html code that comes up...

...into your posting window, and then click "Submit"

that's it...and it should work without a problem.

Yep, hopefully things get fixed and return to normal soon...
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