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Re: Bayeux Cathedral, Normandy France

Originally Posted by Andy_S
I tried darkening some areas. The reference pic had no shadows (it was a very grey day) but I guess I needed to go darker!

Have a look at Herbert Railton illustrator - he was a shining example of P&I architecture using line work.
Anyway I didn't necessarily mean you had to go darker, more that there should be more contrast between the parts facing the sun & those that don't.
One thing you might like to try is to only suggest those parts that catch the sun light,using a very thin pen & broken line. Sort of - as if the sun had bleached out those parts of the drawing that face the light !
Hint- if right next to those bleached out parts you put your darkest & heaviest shadow that "drama" of contrast in the adjacent features will lend great power & interest to your architecture.
Also NO reference is ever really just right for P&I work ,so do not be afraid in architectural drawings especially to just "wing it a bit" by supposing the light is coming from about say..... a 10'o'clock angle then put a light pencil line in & considering the shapes of the building as you do it - Just make the fall of light it up !
You can get away with this very nicely if you have drew your light direction pencil line from some clue on the drawing where the genuine light direction was somewhat apparent in the reference.
Really like your aesthetic on pen work Andy

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