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Re: Sketch thread for oil pastels 2019

This is a new sketch I did with Sennelier OPs (I bought 6 bright colors for a while ago and finally could use this brand in an independant painting!).
It is a recreation of a Youtube tutorial by Color by Feliks. The guy paints with acrylics but I found this work to be a perfect match for the Sennelier colors I got while being a beautiful work too

Pale yellow Canson Mi-Teints pastel paper, size 18 x 20 cm (about 7 x 8 in).

I couldn't paint the waves with just white (way to bright), and I don't have any light muted Senns. So I grabbed white and silver grey Mungyo sticks and applied them lightly over the hardened coat of Sennelier. This coat had been sitting for at least 2 weeks. The background looked like that at this point (before I resumed working on it 2 weeks later):

It was the first time I did some real stuff with these OPs (before I only had some flesh colors, a white and an Ash Blue. Oh, and a Payne's grey). I have to say Senneliers are a class of their own... they are SO different from ALL other brands. I understand now why Rich says they are like painting in oil paint in the hardened form they give a sense of exquisite pleasure... too bad they are that pricey - I definitely can't afford using them often! But oh well... I am glad I have tried them for real

This is my palette:

Oh, I also used two sticks of Mungyo water-soluble OPs: black for the branches and a bit of warm red for the cherry blossoms. The thing is, my Senn red is very dark and cold. So mixing it with yellow and other light colors would only give me autumn-like orange color. I tried to add more pink by this watersoluble Mungyo.
The reason I used these Mungyos is that they are really extremely soft. I would say, close to Senns! Obvisouly when I tried drawing the branches I needed a sharpened stick, but a Specialist stick would scrape the fresh layer of the Senns (which was the waves). So I tried these extra soft Mungyos - and it worked!

Mungyo also produces watersoluble "Watercolor Crayons" (in a blue box) which are firm as I was told. The name also suggests they gotta be firm like crayons I got a tips to buy these ones, in the red-and-yellow box. The full set is only 24 pcs as I have seen on the internet.
C & C welcome, I intend to get better with OPs
Get inspired with various artists' beautiful OP paintings in my blog's gallery: the blog is in Russian, but you can still enjoy the art done in our favorite medium! <3
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