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Re: Sketch thread for oil pastels 2019

Originally Posted by JenieJo
Hi Mira, I'll check out the IG challenge. It's always nice to see what's happening in other parts of the world. I'm in Queensland Australia.

I really think your branches tell a great story. I generally struggle to get them looking less like sticks and more like branches.

Cool! you'll need to search for #oilpastel_april, though some people forget to use the English hashtag so you can try the Russian one, #апрель_масляная_пастель - you'll see more works.
Oh, it's funny - we have one Australian woman who is participating in this oil pastel challenge even if she doesn't speak a word of Russian

Thank you very much! I was drawing this sketch from my photo. I was passing by this scene one day and couldn't help taking a pic - exactly because it looked like something to me. Glad you liked it!
C & C welcome, I intend to get better with OPs
Get inspired with various artists' beautiful OP paintings in my blog's gallery: the blog is in Russian, but you can still enjoy the art done in our favorite medium! <3
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