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Re: Our art inspiration

Hi Mary, and welcome - back? I visited your website and, from all the beautiful artwork and various mediums there, you have experimented with much more than I have - and successfully, too! Very impressive and inspiring.

Thank you for sharing your art story with us. When you wrote up there:
I really enjoyed painting with oil pastels, with the exception of layering limitations, blending and for me getting details.
I had to laugh, because that seems to be the bane of most of us with oil pastels.

If it weren't for this forum, I would likely have moved on pretty quickly to something else. Everyone here has something of value to offer, I think - even people who are very new asking questions end up helping the rest of us out. It's been wonderful, and Christel always has something new for us to play with, it seems. I have learned a ton here, and still have a lot to learn, and this place makes it fun.

I hope you continue to share your op work with us!

Film photographer with special love for alternative photographic processes - especially ones that get my hands dirty!
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