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Re: Our art inspiration

Thank you, Mary! Yes, I come to your website sometimes to admire the wonderful paintings I understand, it happens that a medium just doesn't satisfy all your needs and you feel the urge to move to something more suitable for yourself. But you have done many wonderful OP paintings, thank you for that great deal of inspiration!
It will be very nice to see your new OP paintings, even if acrylics has become your medium of choice

I totally agree that Christel has been putting a lot of effort to support our OP community going! Sometimes I feel we should all buy her a nice OP present as a small sign of appreciation for all her work Christel, seizing the opportunity, thank you very much for what you are doing!
C & C welcome, I intend to get better with OPs
Get inspired with various artists' beautiful OP paintings in my blog's gallery: the blog is in Russian, but you can still enjoy the art done in our favorite medium! <3
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