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Re: Our art inspiration

Christel, this is such a neat thread learning about everyone's art inspiration - especially as it relates to geography, individual tastes - circumstances and teachings. The response is pretty darn interesting and special as it's unique to that person - a fascinating read.

I grew up in farming country and had no exposure to art as a child. But early on in high school I was curious enough that I took a few courses in art that sparked something in me - it was fun and interesting. So much so that art classes became a part of every semester in high school - but to be honest, while I fell in love with the process of creating, I hadn't a clue of what it could do for me career wise. I had to work, so my life went in a totally different direction and work was all consuming.

Later in life I was very lucky because I had a sister who lived in Paris and I had an opportunity to visit her. Long and short of the story, she took me to the Louvre and Giverney (Monet's home and gardens) - well talk about being wow'd, it was all very overwhelming. I never forgot the feeling of standing in front of the master pieces and being awed. I could have stared at those paintings for days. The experience was my inspiration.

When I retired from work I decided to pursue art on my own, for pleasure and have really enjoyed having the time to create whether graphite/charcoal, oil pastels or acrylics. Today I'm inspired by going onto art sites like wetcanvas and seeing what other artists are doing - it's all pretty cool, from traditional to expressionist styles. Just to witness the act of creating by so many people, and then when they share how they do what they are doing. It gets no better ~

There is no artist site on the web today that matches what Wetcanvas brings to the table - the sheer volume of information to the thousands of artists. It's the best.
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