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Re: Our art inspiration

Lamar, very cool early childhood background!
Your story made me want to get a children art book for my daughter one day I will! (she is just 2,5 years now but she has a clear understanding of what an artist and oil pastels are )

You must be right, our early memories have a big and long-term impact on us. I remember having kind of a straw mat painting at our house, I knew it was from Vietnam and there was an Asian style pagoda and a woman by the river. It was loosely drawn, but I loved it and thought Vietnam was a far but fascinating country... And you know, I've always been attracted to the mystery of the Asian culture! It's funny that one day I actually got to Vietnam and it was a funny feeling - walking around a place you'd had somewhere in your head back in childhood
C & C welcome, I intend to get better with OPs
Get inspired with various artists' beautiful OP paintings in my blog's gallery: the blog is in Russian, but you can still enjoy the art done in our favorite medium! <3
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