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Re: Art Journaling

Awh... thanks so much Doug and Dragon! Leading this Workshop has been a very unexpected happy experience for me! I've had a blast doing and trying new things, all the while organizing them into something memorable!

Que Sera... a Gelli Printing Plate is a gelatin based plate used to create mono prints. My commercial plate, which is a giggly wiggly flat surface, is a large 12x15". The plate that I made is much smaller at 7x10".

My homemade plate is simply a combination of simple ingredients. Four ounces of gelatin, 12 ounces of glycerin and two cups of water. Once everything is blended (and dissolved), the mixture was poured into a plastic container that will be useful in storing the plate. The gelatin sets and then can literally be lifted from its storage container and set onto a clean surface.

Now, the fun begins. Place daubs of acrylic paint or acrylic inks on it. Using a brayer, smooth out the colour. Then stamp textures onto this colour using household items, stamps, etc. and finally lay a sheet of paper over this. Pull the paper away from the plate and, voila! You'll have a gorgeous mono print!

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