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Re: Stipplers - you are missing the point !

Originally Posted by MagdaleneL
Banksy Chagall et all don't seem to have either I have to say. I dont find them profound, brazen or anything like that, the last people in the art movement that seemed to have been brazen were the impressionists who really attempted to honestly portray what they painted in a totallly different way using different painting techniques.

I know it might be barbecuing some people's holy cows but some of the modern day artists seems to me to be charlatans who make money out of people's naivety. Anyhow if that makes someone angry I apologize for that but that is my firm opinion.

I still disagree on the first point, and find myself agreeing with your last point to an extent. Hirst and Koons come to mind there. The modern conceptual-art "machines.

But as for Chagall, Modigliani, etc. If you think it would be straightforward for any "average" person with a bit of artistic talent, to paint quality work in the style of those latter two artists, for instance, I'm again suggesting you ought to reconsider that. There's actually a lot more craft going on than you think.

Maybe it's just a firm difference of opinion, and we might have to leave it at that.
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