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Re: Great Books for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Artists

I've been wondering about that technique book... may have to check it out.

I just got a copy of Howe's book, and it's excellent! Insight into his creative process, a few WIPs throughout the book, info on media, and also some handy studio tips (always interested in those!). And the artwork is, of course, absolutely breathtaking.

I also picked up Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes by Rob Alexander, and I'm very impressed with it also. Wonderfully inspirational for someone like me who has trouble with backdrops, and it touches on the basics (which I always seem to ignore). Color, composition, perspective, using references, roughs, light, value, mood, and it has beautiful examples in a variety of media. Nice book.

And lastly, I wanted another dragon book. I have Peffer's, and I love it! Wonderfully inspirational (but what can I say, I can never have enough where dragons are concerned)! But I'm just not impressed with the other dragon art books out there, or at least the ones I've seen. So, I got the next best thing - Thunder Lizards by Steve Miller. I've been a dino freak since I was little, too, and this one is great for ALL ages. Most of the how-to-draw books take you from the basic geometric shapes to a finished dino. This one, however, also pushes the concept of comparative anatomy. While each dino is laid out by shapes, there are skeletal and muscular diagrams for the different groups or body types as well. There's a nice appendix in the back with 13 different skeletons for comparison. A select few of the dinos throughout the book show their skeletons from four different views - frontal, side, dorsal, and ventral (perfect for a dragon in aerial view). Different head, mouth, feet, and body shapes, and an endless array of adornments I can use as inspiration for new dragons! Net to mention Booth has quite a few pieces throughout the book (and that's worth the purchase of the book for me).