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Talking Re: Great Books for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Artists

Oh Yeah! Burne Hogarth Dynamic Figure drawing was my very first art instruction book and I love it-I have used it 'till the poor things in several pieces. I have a girl and while I am not much into Manga. I bought her Manga Fantasy Madness, and she actually draws from it! Even I have to admit that it's got some good stuff in it! Shame on me, but I might even tell you where I got it for 4.95,lol. I was surprised to see that info on drawing the head was pretty basic and easy to understand, and the eyes were not enormous. There were tons of examples for the kids starting with the basic stick and building to the complete figure. I do think the stuff on perspective's to advanced for most kids though. Also, did the person posting about Hell's Beast get the book? If so, what did you think about it? That's one of the books I am thinking about getting for christmas. (Merry Christmas, here's Hell's Beast!) Thanks for the info about Impact-I love thier books and they are having a book give away! bye! more books....more books...more...