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Re: All I Want for Christmas

Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions.
Ilya: The background color is a mixture of the the two favoring green to be a compliment to all of the red. Its pretty dark but not nearly black.
bhindi: I put it away last year as a developed sketch. Pulled it back out late this November to finish it for a gallery exhibit at our art group.
Jeffro: I agree that the flowers and dress compete. Softening the edges of the flower and dimming it down may be a solution.
Kathie: Its hard to see in the photo but there are some red petals that are darker between the dress and the flower. Maybe I should have done more of that to bring that side of the flower into shadow.
Ed: Yeah, the thumbnail is an issue. Its phthalo green and the highlight is a bit too much. Maybe a glaze over it will diminish it.
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