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Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord

Wow , there is very view places on the culture business level of who and what you are as an artist than this level of question. It is a question of who and where you are as an artist when dealing with the business end. Of course you would just love it that the art itself would be judged loved and bought and there are times that it can and do happen.
However the note from your Gallery puts things in place the way they are and lets you know they need to sell the work and your name is not on sale , YET! Hang in there, pun intended , do your best to present your work as best you can and afford. If a Gallery has a good pulse on their (and your clients) they should have some good inputs on your work to benefit both of you in presentation. The more well known you are as a stable of the Galleries artists the easier this communication becomes for everyone.
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