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Re: Giant Green Iguana

Melissa, he is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just waiting for him to start nodding his head at me... very believable, and I am awed you kept going through all those scales.

I think he can stay just as he is.

However I found I often put my reference aside in the last step, and start changing things from what the reference shows to what I think should be shown. Sometimes it makes it better, sometimes worse.
So this is in no way a critique, only what I personally would do. I probably would slightly darken the very light areas on his hind thigh, toes and the line visible of the calf, as well as the lighted toe of the front foot, and make the separation between the scales there more visible, as they don't have an equally brightly lit counterpart on the body itself. And I would make the tree branch more continuous, connecting the top part (just in front of where the first big "thorn" on the back of his neck is) to the edge of the board and, similarly as you hinted on his lower jaw with a little structure, connect the top part of the branch with the part he's sitting on. Only ever so slightly, hardly visible.
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