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Re: Help!--chiascuro in watercolor?

Thanks for the advice. I now know that it is possible to do what I want to do. Those candles prove it and so do those grisaille pears. That is one hell of a link! I am totaly intimidated.
I see the background as being a rose-bronze at the top left and green at the bottom left with dark,dark brown moving accross from the right. I may do a variagated wash from rose at the top to green at the bottom and then try and come up with some kind of dark brown to wash over that (when totaly dry) in a graduated manner from the right to left, dark to light. I wonder if a choice of granulating colors would be a good idea?
Using a grey grissaile (prussian blue/burnt umber) for the underpainting of the pewter pot, plate and fruit sounds like a good idea. To maintain the unity, I should probably try to use that technique on cloth and table too. I will use the same rose in the background, the cloth and in the highlights on the pot--I think I can sneak a little into the table too. I think the green in the lower part of the background is (and should be) the middle green of the apple and the green highlights in the pot (or should it be lighter on the pot)? I still worry about turning the darks to mud. I think I will do the sketch today and do some color experimentation on the backs of old paintings, while I wait for more advice. I am as self-critical as Aselka, who did those wonderfull pears, but no-where near as good.
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