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Help!--chiascuro in watercolor?

I spent a couple of hours this morning with my camera and my wifes antiques, setting up still life compositions to paint. I think they came out great. I have about twenty good pictures. The trouble is that they are very much 'chiascuro' pieces--which did not occur to me until I inspected them on the computer screen. This is not something that I have ever attempted in watercolor. I would have set up different lighting if it had thought of it.
I would like some advice, as I intend to give this a try. I suspect that I should attempt to get those darks by glazing in layers of different colors, wet over dry. Is that right? I do not want mud.
Any and all advice is welcome. A number of different methods to choose from would be wonderfull. The more tips the better. The following photo is typical, some shots are more complex and have more colors, most have the same value contrast--very few have less.

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