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Re: Need Help with Traditional Approaches to proportions and Likenesses

Thank you, Gewoontedier. I'll especially have to look into the Bargue course. It is the likenesses that elludes and baffles me. Recently, I saw a pop art (two toned and sort of cartoon style) painting that depicted Marylin Monroe without eyes... But it was still very obviously her. The hair outline and mole gave it away.

I'll give that book another go, Randy, as soon as I find it again. It sounds like I was too quick to put it down in the first place.

That is a very good point, 123harry, about nautical navigation. Thank you for pointing that out. 🙂

I've been still trying to get a likeness but I haven't quite succeeded and I've been quickly losing steam with each fail. My intention isn't to produce a perfect portrait but rather to capture a likeness with a Renaissance style drawing (as like da Vinci) where the head seems to be protruding from the paper. My most recent attempt is below. This time I didn't measure anything except the first angle which was the side of the face on the left side of the page as compared to the bottom of the page. I only measured that because I noticed in all my previous attempts the angle was too vertical and threw off the whole thing. It is closer to what I want but still not quite right. I adjusted brightness and contrast of the photo so the lines can be seen.

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