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Re: Need Help with Traditional Approaches to proportions and Likenesses

Thank you for pointing that out, Pam. I've noticed with this drawing that for some reason when it comes to portraits I'm too conservative and not bold enough with my angles and diagonal lines and it ruins the likeness. I'm also still trying to figure out what makes a likeness. I've read there are two camps. One being feature shapes and their proximity to each other as found in caricatures. The other camp says it's mostly the shape of the head and details of the eyes.

Thank you for the suggestion, Randy. Not too long ago someone gave me a copy of that book but both the title and the intro sounded so questionable and off-putting to me that I set it aside. (I'm very sceptical of psychology trends). But maybe I should have to remember where I put it and take another look this time skipping the theories.
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